About Us

GRADS Staffing

GRADS is a team of professionals dedicated to recruiting and developing talents to meet organization's needs. We are the matchmakers of the staffing industry. Our talent specialist will match you with the right talent for your organization.

GRADS Staffing specializes in finding top talents with different backgrounds and perspectives to meet the changing needs of your organizations in a globally competitive market. We provide services in recruitment and staffing, training and development, coaching and HR consulting. We help to develop and equip your staff and leaders with the competencies required to effectively perform their job and lead teams.

The GRADS Difference

Why Choose GRADS?

Top and Diverse Talents

We connect best in class organizations with top talents. We specialize in recruiting diverse talents – talents from different backgrounds and with different perspectives.

Tailored Approach

We use your company’s profile including your culture, vision, and goals to find you the right fit for your organization.

Rigorous Screening

All candidates are thoroughly vetted to provide you with the best talent for the job. This saves you time and money and allows you to hire the right candidate for the job.

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Our Vision
To be the largest recruiter of top diverse talents.

Our Mission
To leverage and develop talents to achieve success.

Our Values
We are a company guided by moral and ethical principles:

Love and Respect

We treat everyone with love and respect - loving others as ourselves. We value people. We operate in a spirit of gentleness, bearing with one another in love, being patient and allowing peace to rule in our hearts.


We understand, accept and value individual differences - people of varying backgrounds and people with different perspectives as well as the individual skills that everyone brings. We strive to advance diversity, inclusion and equity in workplaces and communities.


We believe in being good stewards over all that we are entrusted with. To whom much is given much is expected. We are faithful in what is entrusted to us - to each other, our client, our community and in very little as well as in much.

Integrity and Humility

We are guided by integrity. We believe that whoever walks in integrity walks securely. We believe in doing nothing for rivalry or conceit. We walk in humility.


We believe we are stronger and smarter together. One person sharpens the other.


We cheerfully give with good measure to each other and the community- never withholding good from those to whom it is due and never neglecting to do good and share what we have.

Our Expert Team

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